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A Strobel & Walter egyenlege a jóga testület új kihívást és frissítést hoz a jóga gyakorlathoz. Az ívelt alsó részének köszönhetően az egyenleg jógadeszka „instabilitást” okoz, és aktív egyenleget igényel a testmozgás során.
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Balance yoga board Strobel & Walter brings a new challenge and refreshment to yoga practice. Due to its curved underside, the balance yoga board causes “instability” and requires active balance during exercise.

Thus, we need to perform all the yoga exercises more intensely, more carefully, and the effect of the exercise is greater. Yoga board exercises strengthen the internal muscles and promote stability, posture and attention.

It is made of high quality beech. It combines a sporty surfer look and elements of nature. Yoga board is ideal for both beginners and professionals. It is made in Germany and is patented.

Balance yoga board Strobel & Walter

  • patented balance yoga board for new challenges and refreshments in yoga practice
  • it requires active, intense exercise because in addition to the exercises themselves, we must also pay attention to balance
  • enables proprioceptive* exercise of the whole body
  • provides a more effective effect of exercise
  • strengthens internal muscles, promotes stability, improves posture and focus, concentration
  • the board is bent, it can be tilted in all directions
  • is long enough to lie, stand or kneel on
  • the feeling on the board is like floating on water or similar to SUP yoga
  • combines a sporty surfer look and elements of nature - a nice addition to any room
  • made of high quality regional and sustainably grown beech trees with veneer on the top and 3D-MDF on the bottom
  • extremely durable but "gentle" to look at
  • ideal for beginners and professionals
  • weight: 11 kg
  • use up to weight: 120 kg
  • dimensions: 178 x 45 x 7 cm
  • made in Germany


Refers to the ability to maintain posture or balance of the body or its individual parts. It is closely related to the ability to perceive and distinguish the position of individual parts of the body.

This is made possible by special sensors located mainly in the muscles, tendons and joints. Even when we close our eyes, we have an idea of ​​where the individual parts of our body are located and what the orientation of the body is in space.

Yoga board is an exciting innovation that has begun to conquer the world. Yoga board received the ISPO GOLD WINNER AWARD in the field of health and fitness.
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