Mizu S6 vákuum szigetelt rozsdamentes acél palack 610 ml

Ez a Mizu S6 palack karcsú és karcsú, nemek nélküli kialakítása szépen illeszkedik a táskájába vagy a hátsó zsebébe. Otthonról a Bikeway -re vagy bárhol, az S6 tökéletes utazási társat készít.
Olyan alacsony, mint 12 061,14 Ft Normál ár 15 076,42 Ft

This MIZU S6 bottle sleek and slender genderless design will fit neatly in your bag or back pocket. From home to bikeway or anywhere, the S6 makes for a perfect travel companion. Superior copper lined, vacuum insulation technology will keep your drink steaming hot or icy cold all day.

Built from stainless steel, you can rest assured that this bottle will be around for all your life's journeys.

Double Wall Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel BottleMizu S6, 610 ml

  • Sleek and slender design
  • Everywhere with you - from subway to bikeway - perfect travel companion
  • For travelers, climbers, yogis, alpinists, hikers, camping, for pleasures in wild nature ...
  • Vacuum insulation technology
  • Hot or icy cold all day
  • 18/8 Food Grade Stainless Steel
  • Superior copper lined
  • 100% Recyclable
  • 100% BPA Free
  • Volume: 610 ml
  • Height:262 mm
  • Diameter: 73mm
  • Weight: 329 g

Do you know what Mizu means?

The MIZU comes from the USA. Mizu is the Japanese word for water . They have created "hydration" products that reflect who they are and where they want to go. & Nbsp; In a simple way, they remind us that plastic consumption can be greatly reduced . Every product in the Mizu product line is designed to offer reusability for the products we normally have for single use!


Take care of the environment with Mizu products. Their products are sustainable . By using Mizu pots, water jars, you avoid high consumption of plastic pots and bottles.

The table is a proud part of the organization 1% FOR THE PLANET! Of all sales, 1% of every item sold goes to this non-profit environmental organization. Packaging You can use the item table (cardboard box) for a “pot” for pencils, you can even plant a flower in it. Use the cardboard for a campfire. Get creative!


Do not put hot liquids into single wall Mizu containers. Do not freeze your Mizu container. Do not put your Mizu container in the microwave. Dishwasher may affect the paint and print. Hand washing recommended

Choose reusable products Mizu

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MárkaMizu Life
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