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A zokni toesox alacsony emelkedési tec lábujjakkal (teljes lábujjjal) hasonló a már legendás alacsony emelkedésű zoknihoz, azzal a különbséggel, hogy ez a verzió "technikai".
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Socks Toesox Low rise TEC with toes (Full Toe) are similar to the already legendary Low Rise socks, except that this version is more "technical". They are made with the most modern knitting technology and provide the foot with an optimal "climate". Sweat quickly separates to the outer surface, so the fabric is dry when in contact with the foot.

For all "barefoot" sports activities - pilates, yoga, dance, martial arts, fitness... The patented Toesox non-slip sole really sticks to all types of surfaces (parquet, laminate, tiles, vinyl, yoga mat...).

Differently knitted zones will provide your feet with support, a slightly reinforced part at the back of the heel will protect your Achilles tendon from pressure. The entire socks stay on the foot without wrinkling or billowing.

Spread your toes, let your feet breathe. Socrates already said: "When our feet are wounded, then we are wounded everywhere."

Toesox non-slip toe socks LowRise TEC Full Toe

  • great socks for yoga, pilates, dance, martial arts... for all activities where we are barefoot
  • similar to the legendary Low Rise, only differently knitted, with the most modern technology
  • they ensure a dry feeling on the skin, as they separate sweat extremely quickly to the outside
  • extremely fast drying socks
  • patented non-slip soles (whatever movements you perform (jumping, spinning, standing still, performing demanding asanas in yoga or martial arts...) you will not slip in Toesox socks)
  • full fingers, five fingers
  • each toe is separate - so that each toe can move independently of the other and that we can have the fingers apart (this encourages the fingers to spread, contract and stretch the muscles, increase / accelerate blood circulation)
  • exercising with socks is more "hygienic" clean
  • great socks if your feet get cold during exercise but you can't exercise in "classic" socks
  • different knitting methods ensure that the individual part of the foot is supported or relaxed (e.g. a "ring" around the entire foot on the instep ensures that the arch of the lower part of the foot is supported)
  • the specially designed heel ensures that the socks stay in place even during very demanding movements, during spins, pirouettes...
  • low cut, so you can wear them with almost all clothes and shoes
  • material: 64% organic cotton, 14% polyamide, 7% elastane

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