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Mala tulsi, jógi ékszerek - A nyaklánc 108 gyöngyből áll. A Mala "gyöngyök" hosszú hagyományokkal rendelkeznek India szellemi világában. A csukló vagy a nyak körül malát viselhet.
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Mala Tulsi Lotuscrafts, Yogic Jewelry - necklace is made up of 108 traditional Indian prayer beads. Mala "beads" have a long tradition in the spiritual world of India.

Tulsi has a lot of benefits, its major benefits is its healing power. One how comes in close contact with tulsi beads, will stay relaxed and more patience. It helps against stress. And it gives you more focus in your work.

The tulsi mala helps you to stay calm and balanced and control the stress of life. You can wear mala around wrist or neck.

Mala Tulsi Lotuscrafts, Yogic Jewelry Necklace

  • Necklace consists of 108 beads of tulsi wood
  • The beads are tied together, knitted in the traditional way
  • Used in meditation
  • Can be worn as a piece of beautiful natural jewelry
  • It helps you to stay relaxed and more patience
  • It helps against stress
  • It gives you more focus in your work
  • length: 80 cm
  • made in Haridvar, India

What's MALA?

Mala necklaces can be made of wooden balls, seeds, semi precious or precious stones or jewels. Mala consists of 108 beads. The number 108 is a sacred number in many cultures, especially in the Hindu tradition. The number comes from multiplying 12 "astrological houses" of 9 planets. Each Mala also has a Guru bead or tassels that remind us of the teachers in our lives.

How do we use Mala?

Traditionally, Mala is held between the thumb and middle finger, so that each bead passes through the finger and thumb. The mantra is said either softly or aloud. The most powerful mantras are supposed to be those that quietly repeat in your mind. We do this until we reach the Guru's bead or tassels, small turns and the process continues until the Guru bead or the tassels are not reached again. Repeating the mantra in this way is a great way to calm the mind and keep the thoughts in our daily lives (whatever that may be for each of us, regardless of culture or religion).


The power of a mala necklace cannot be denied. We can quickly see its positive effects. Try it out and find your Mala Necklace that will loosen your worries. We all know stress, restlessness and fear - but with the right mala necklace, you can always have some peace of mind with you, and in a beautiful form!


Their name in the products combines purity, beauty, special art of making from natural, human and environmentally friendly materials (cotton, spelt, kapok wool).


The lotus flower is a symbol of purity, peace and beauty in many cultures in the East. The lotus flower is very special because of its exceptional surface structure, which allows water, dust particles, mud and micro-organisms to "unwind" and bloom in perfect beauty.


It means trade, art.

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