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A Yoga Design Lab Yoga Wheel-je segít a mellkas, a váll, a hát és a csípőhajlító izmok legszebb módon történő kinyitásában. A méret és a szélesség pontosan megfelelő ahhoz, hogy biztonságosan támassza a hátát, miközben átnyújtja a kereket.
Olyan alacsony, mint 22 882,79 Ft Normál ár 25 425,32 Ft

The Yoga Wheel from Yoga Design Lab will help you to open the chest, shoulders, back, and hip flexors in the most beautiful way. Size and width is just right to safely support your back as you stretch across the wheel.

Perfect gadget for yoga practice - for beginners and advanced yogis. Achieve backbends smoothly and loosen tight muscles.

Yoga Wheel Yoga Design Lab

  • Offers support for challenging poses
  • Adds creativity to your yoga practice
  • Achieve backbends smoothly and loosen tight muscles - safely support your back
  • Even for practice handstands
  • Enhances your poses by achieving deeper stretches
  • Perfect gadget to improve balance, strength your core and back while you loosen tight muscles
  • Super to increase muscle and spine flexibility
  • Padded natural rubber with luxurious mandala - non slip
  • Sweat resistant and secure grip technology
  • PVC free
  • Zero odor, no toxic smell
  • Dimension – diameter:  12.8 in / 32.5 cm
  • Dimension – width   5.1 in / 13 cm
  • Weight:  2.8 lb / 1.3 kg

How to Clean Yoga Wheel

Before first use wipe down it gently with cloth, maybe use mild detergent and air dry flat. The same cleaning process you can practice it for all other uses.

From every purchase goes 1$ to support Urban Youth Yoga Programs in need.

More Information
MárkaYoga Design Lab
Súly (kg)1.600000

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  1. Worth every penny! Wow, love it!
    As beautiful as it is functional. This yoga wheel is a dream. It kicks stretching up a notch and really helps get those kinks out of my back and neck. I'm glad I decided against spending the $140 on the other wheel that caught my eye. The YDL wheel is every bit as beautiful and the quality is unsurpassed. Perfect size. Firm with the right amount of give. Functional art.

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