One 4 All Yoga, 100%-ban természetes krém

A One 4 All Yoga kenőcs 100%-ban természetes termék. Tökéletes zúzódásokra, karcolásokra, megelőzésre, száraz bőrre. Aktív életmódhoz és elsősegélynyújtó szer száraz és repedezett bőrre.
Olyan alacsony, mint 3 571,46 Ft

One 4 All Yoga ointment is 100% natural product. Perfect for bruises, scratches, prevention, dry skin,...For active life-style and first aid remedy for dry and cracked skin. It increases the elasticity of the sking and regenerates it faster.

Universal for all; yogis, climbers, surfers, active people and workers with manual intense tasks, house cleaners, families, children and nature lovers.

Ointment One 4 All Yoga, 100% natural creme

  • 100% natural ointment, balm in a shape of bar for quick and easy use
  • regenerates dry and cracked skin
  • helps to heal blisters, scratches, bruises,...
  • increases skin flexibility and resilience
  • calms itching after insect bites
  • for dry and cracked lips
  • suitable for all body
  • fast absorbent and no greasy feeling
  • natural and gentle scent
  • perfect packaging - aluminium box - for all pockets, purses,...
  • Organic certificate
  • suitable for vegetarians
  • weight: 18 g ali 35 g
  • hand made in Slovenia

Ingredients creme

  • BIO extra virgin olive oil
  • BIO coconut oil
  • BIO jojoba oil
  • BIO calendula flower extract
  • BIO argan oil
  • BIO bee's wax
  • BIO essential oil lavender
  • BIO essential oil čajevca
  • BIO rosemary leaf extract
  • BIO geraniol
  • natural vitamin E (tocopherol)


  • no mineral oils
  • no preservatives
  • no alcohol
  • no water
  • no animal testing

How to use: creme

Put bar on the skin and massage onto the skin. It can be applied also with finger or nail. Allow to absorb.

One 4 All ointment is not suitable to apply before yoga practice - it can cause slippering on the yoga mat. Protect before direct sunlight to keep the quality of the ingredients.

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