Joco Takeaway Cup Artist sorozat 340 ml

Joco Takeaway Cup Artist Series 34o Ml. Képes kiváló minőségű, nem porózus üvegből készült. A Joco Artist sorozat hozzáadása egy kis hangulat hozzáadása a napi sörhez.

Joco takeaway Cup Artist Series - 12oz - Jen Lobo and Adrian ‘Ado’ Knott are made of high-quality, non-porous boral glass. Adding a little flair to your daily brew is the JOCO Artist Series. The original collaboration, with creative folk, blends the culture of coffee with stirring design.

Produced with care for nature, simple and perfectly designed, they preserve the taste of the drink or smoothie.

Joco takeaway cup is safe for use in the microwave. Feel free to clean it in a dishwasher. Shape of the cup fits coffee machines. Joco takeaway cups always and everywhere!

Joco takeaway Cup Artist Series 340 ml

  • Joco "takeaway" cup 340ml
  • Stylish, fashion takeaway cup
  • Drink pure coffee, tea or smoothie
  • Made From Non-Porous Borosilicate Glass
  • Lid is Anti-Splash Ergonomic
  • Thermal Silicone Sleeve
  • Standard Barista Sizing
  • Dishwasher an Microwave Safe
  • BPA, Lead and Cadmium and Free, plus Food Grade Safe
  • LFGB, Reach and FDA compliant

JOCO Artist

ArtistAdrian ‘Ado’ Knott loves surfing and birds. Birds are his favourite creatures. The ones that reside in his tropical Sunshine Coast (AUS) backyard inspire him most. His pet budgies Ratty and Buddy roam the house as he works on his commercial art, surfboards and surf brand ‘Rake’. Ado has a distinctive graphic style. “It’s mostly a little naive and vintage inspired with a modern twist.” says Ado, “I like overlaying textures to create depth.” For his JOCO artist series design, Ado explored his interest in birds and nature to create a piece that would look familiar on retro Nordic ceramics.

The art is clean and simple with overlaid patterns and well suited to the JOCO reusable cup.

Artist Jen Lobo feels most at ease in nature. Her semi-realistic style, melds her love for drawing and painting with her insatiable curiosity and admiration for animals. “I try to replicate that love in paintings while also exploring human nature, personalities, and relationships.” says Jen. In the Pacific Northwest of the United States (Portland, Oregon) Jen and her brood have settled on a little island with woody forests, deer and many, many birds. The island, part agriculture and part wildlife reserve, is as diverse as it is beautiful.

It is also the inspiration for Jen’s JOCO cup design for the artist series collection. “I wanted the piece to have a woodsy feel to it and reflect the feel of the island we are living on.” says Jen, “Once the sun goes down, it is so completely dark. There are no streetlights, no businesses, and few homes. On clear nights, the sky is lit up with stars. Owls seemed like an appropriate choice to accompany that scene.” The trio of owls are less common species and include the striped owl, the buffy fish owl and the ferruginous pygmy owl. All unique birds illustrated huddled up so that at first glance you cannot tell where one ends, and the other begins.

Lars Huse is an illustrator from Norway shares a daily coffee blog with followers, using his JOCO cup at home, around town and on the. We knew, that one day, we would work with him on a special JOCO project. Lars has created a print inspired by the likes of Coleridge’s ‘Rime of the Ancient Mariner’. “I’m quite fascinated by the Albatross.” says Lars, “So I’m trying to create a thoughtful juxtaposition of man, Albatross and the sea.”

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  1. I like it
    I like it. When I first pour hot coffee i smelled some rubber but then now is ok:)

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